Think Financial Firm Compliance Regulations and Rules are Too Complex? Take a Look

In March 2015 Commissioner Daniel M Gallagher’s office provided a diagram showing the myriad of regulations imposed on financial firms since the Dodd-Frank Act in 2010. As regulators pile on more regulations, overall cost-benefit analysis is not required and therefore, often not performed.  Other than accounting for incremental effects, regulators seem to have missed analysis of the overall regulatory burden on firms.  The end result is the potential for high barriers to entry for new firms and increased compliance overhead for existing ones. A concern about increased overhead costs and higher barriers to entry is that large institutions become increasingly larger, while smaller firms cannot compete.

Read the Statement from Commissioner Gallagher March 2, 2015.

Regulatory Rules imposed since Dodd-Frank 2010



RND Resources, Inc. understands the hardships faced by start up broker dealer firms and firms with over-burdened compliance departments. We employ veteran CPA’s, MBA’s, and experienced regulatory examiners to navigate the complex rules on your behalf. We’ve been able to save overhead costs for smaller firms, where employing a fully staffed compliance department is not affordable. Our professionals are on top of the latest compliance requirements to help reduce and eliminate issues that trigger fines, further inspection, and sanctions. Whether you’re looking for a firm to step in and help resolve pressing compliance issues, or need to support an over-burdened compliance department, we are able to assist. Call us to find out how we can help (818) 657-0288. Or, feel free to send us a request for quote.

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