BlockChain Distributed Ledger System

Clearing with Blockchain Technology

For some the introduction of blockchain technology is as cutting edge as the internet itself, others see it as the natural progression of things. Regardless of your opinion, blockchain technology is progressing at a rapid pace and changes the way financial firms and other businesses think about doing business, similar to the way drone technology has changed policing.  BlockChain Distributed Ledger System

What is Blockchain Technology and how will it change the way Banks and Clearing houses do business?

Millennials are shocked to hear that at one time trades were booked by writing up tickets and placing them in basket to be processed at the end of the day (hopefully). Since then the computer has helped speed up the pace and transactions can be processed throughout the day. But many trades still take up to 3 days to clear. ACH technology (over 40 years old) can still take 2-4 days to post transactions.

Customers wanting quicker solutions, gave entrepreneurs cause to develop transaction systems that speed processing through banking and intermediary cross checks. Blockchains are a near perfect fit because they’re based on a system where accuracy checking and verifying are no longer necessary.

Definition of a Blockchain –

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FINRA Compliance

A Hybrid Solution for RIA’s and BD’s

A Hybrid Solution for RIA’s and BD’s Stymied by New Age Investors

Investment Advisor Services

Traditional BD and RIA firms are looking for a strategic solution to capture the growing market demographic of millennial investors and their predecessors, generations x, y, and z. This set of investors represent a younger client lifecycle of people who are technology savvy, family oriented, and ambitious. By the year 2020, the millennial group alone is expected to comprise 1-in-3 of the US adult workforce. Many in this demographic prefer the convenience of automated solutions that save time and money, yet they want to feel empowered and be able to take control at any time. This investor client type creates a difficult challenge for traditional RIA’s and BD’s geared toward providing personalized service to baby boomer clients; now aging out and spending down their retirement portfolios.

Making the leap to Fintech

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High Frequency Trade Software

Blockchains, Crypto-technology, and Emerging Trade trends … oh my

Overstock Home Page www.t0.comMarch 2016 – Overstock, a long time bitcoin advocate, received approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to issue and trade public shares of Overstock on its own exchange called, This is on the heels of Overstock’s purchase in 2015 of SpeedRoute LLC, a brokerage firm. The SpeedRoute purchase helped connect, and Overstock, to a securities trading platform within the US equity market.  What impact will tØ have on emerging trade trends like blockchain technology, fintech innovation, and same-day trade clearing? Bracing for any impact is a smart idea. We hope this one will be positive.

What’s so special about – pronounced: tee-zero

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