Dave Banerjee CPA

Dave Banerjee CPA – Elected to FINRA District 2

Thank you for your support in electing Dave for FINRA District Committee

Dave Banerjee CPADave Banerjee 2017-2019 FINRA District 2 committee member

Personal statement from Dave 

” I am truly honored to have been elected to the FINRA district 2 committee small firm seat that opens January 2017. My focus is to ease the regulatory oversight crisis faced by FINRA small firm members. I welcome discussion with fellow member firms in achieving this objective and hearing other industry concerns as well.” 

In coming weeks Dave will be participating in various orientation calls and discussion with committee member colleagues. He welcomes discussion with D2 members. As a compliance and regulatory principal to small and mid-sized firms since 1984, Dave has experienced the rise and fall of various financial crisis. Presently the burden on small to mid-size broker-dealer firms by regulatory authorities is in crisis. There is a steady decline of applications for new member broker-dealer firms,and withdrawals have increased. Ever-changing regulatory rules and overwhelming recordkeeping requirements placed on smaller brokers is taking a toll. 

More recently, the rise of FinTech, Robo-advisors, and Regtech firms pose new threats to traditional BD’s, and bring formerly unheard of risks. Dave’s knowledge in Engineering, Technology, and Compliance gives him a unique advantage to understanding emerging technology and its impact on the industry and firms. Dave has the ability to develop solutions for small firms and understands the value of emerging technology.

Dave welcomes an opportunity to hear your concerns directly and work with member firms in developing strategy to tackle the high pressure points. Being elected to the District Committee is an opportunity to participate in regulatory initiatives and carry the message of small firms.  Feel free to share your insight, thoughts, and concerns using LinkedIn, Skype, Email, or Phone. 

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Dave Banerjee CPA

Dave Banerjee – FINRA District 2 Committee Member

Meet Dave Banerjee CPA   Dave Banerjee

CEO l Consultant l Speaker 

FINRA District 2 – small firm seat

Serving with FINRA is a unique opportunity to influence regulatory policy. Working with so many clients who are subject to regulatory guidelines, I am honored to have the opportunity of speaking for broker dealer firms burdened by overwhelming pressure by compliance oversight through my election to FINRA small firm committee 2017 through 2019. 


Personal statement from Dave.  “I understand and recognize the challenges faced by FINRA small firm members and I believe strongly that there is a better way to provide quantifiable results.”

As a compliance and regulatory principal to small and mid-sized firms, Dave has unique insight of the burden placed on smaller broker-dealer firms by regulatory authorities and SEC concerns executed by FINRA (a dual perspective). In recent years Dave has noted the steady decline in applications for new member broker-dealer firms, and an increase in withdrawals. He recognizes the reason for this, in part, is due to the ever-changing regulatory burdens placed on smaller brokers. Dave agrees with others who say, “Current registration and filing requirements have a tremendous impact on a small firms’ ability to invest in building the business. In today’s regulatory landscape there is an undeniable crisis among small broker dealer firms.”

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Professional Qualification Highlights

Core Competencies: 

  • Licensed series: 4, 7, 24, 27, 53, 55, 63, 65, 79, 99
  • FINRA registered since 1984
  • Mock Audits
  • Compliance Controls
  • FINRA SEC Exams
  • Compliance Outsourcing Specialist

Areas of Expertise:

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Audits & Exams
  • CyberSecurity Plans
  • Risk Management
  • Tax Compliance & Planning
  • Foreign Investments

About Dave

Dave Banerjee, CPA is a Co-founder and the CEO of RND Resources, Inc. Under Dave’s leadership, RND Resources, Inc. has provided customized compliance consulting, risk assessments, audit services, accounting, registration and PCAOB services to broker dealers, registered investment advisors, hedge funds, commodity trading advisors, commodity pool operators, futures commission merchants, banks, wealth managers, and insurance companies since 1984.

Dave conducts webinars, seminars, on-site consulting & training, and is frequently asked to participate in  public speaking engagements.  Recent panel speaking commitment includes the NSCP National Conference.

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