Regulatory remediation, mandated compliance oversight, and expert testimony are backbones to consulting support services for broker dealers.

Each month FINRA releases a report of brokers, registered representatives, and firms who are under investigation or have a case filed against them. We assist broker-dealers and others involved in these cases throughout the United States; including referrals we receive from leading law firms, industry consultants, and institutions. 

Regulatory Remediation and Compliance Oversight

Dave Banerjee, CPA is our principal lead for clients under FINRA or SEC investigation and has worked with FINRA member firms, regulators, SEC and State registered advisors, insurance companies, hedge funds, municipalities, and CPA Auditors and examiners since 1989. We employ Certified Public Accountants and have  AICPA and PCAOB designations. We also hold several  registered representative level licenses; 7, 55, 63, 65, 79, and 99 – as well as the following principal registrations:

  • Series 4 – Registered Options Principal

  • Series 24 – General Securities Principal

  • Series 27 – Financial and Operations Principal

  • Series 53 – Municipal Securities Principal

Regulatory Remediation Services

Our consulting expertise includes oversight of regulator mandated compliance of; application of industry practices and regulatory requirements; analyzing procedures, and providing assertion statements or expert testimony. We testify on such issues as basic broker-dealer sales practices, suitability, outside business activities, private securities transactions, adequate supervisory systems and procedures, and general compliance with regulator guidelines.

Scope of Compliance Remediation Expertise

  • Regulatory Remediation
  • Regulator Mandated Compliance Supervision
  • Regulatory Response Letters and Document Requests
  • SEC Custody Cases
  • Remediation of Procedures and Policies
  • SAS 70 Analysis and Reporting / Type 1 & 2
  • Discovery Accounting
  • Expert Testimony
  • Audit and Mock Audits
  • Accountant Deposition

Specific areas of expertise RND Resources assists with Expert Witness and Litigation Consulting cases

  • Expert Testimony Services: Analysis and case development along with valuation or  damage assessments, and discovery accounting are combined to provide exert testimony on matters in securities and investments, insurance, financial services, and banking. Read more about Dave’s Expert Testimony experience
  • Financial and Fraud Investigations: Discovery accounting and analysis including tax and audit reporting to investigate white collar crime cases, embezzelments, and business failures.
  • Securities Regulation and Compliance with SRO rules regarding; suitability, churning, and defense of securities firms against litigation from institutional and retail customers
  • Critical analysis, evaluation, and remediation of securities business compliance, risk,  and operating processes
  • Business Asset Valuation in connection with buy/sell agreements, mergers, or dissolution
  • Damage-calculation engagements such as; lost profit calculation and determination of losses resulting from breach of contract disputes or regulatory sanction
  • Application of GAAP and GAAS accounting principles and auditing standards, as well as the application of SEC Rules and Regulations (GAAP; Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, GAAS; Generally Accepted Audit Standards)


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:
Dave Banerjee, CPA
RND Resources, Inc.
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