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DLT / Blockchain Consulting

•  Training •  Testing
•  Develop Scope – definition / budget •  Maintenance
•  Assemble team / supervision •  Procedures and policies
•  Implementation •  Regulatory compliance

Implementing DLT for BDs and RIAs

Distributed Ledger Technology | DLT

The benefits of DLT is the provision of a decentralized, unchangeable, and programmable ledger solution for financial industry transactions. Records are transparent to users and nearly impossible to manipulate or change; which by today’s standards is impressive. New ledgers are being developed everyday for use to improve efficiency in transactions, decrease the margin for error, and share transaction details securely. The benefits of DLT will continue to emerge in financial services and prove their worth in decreased transaction costs and improved regulatory recordkeeping.

Implementing a DLT solution that meets regulatory compliance standards can be tricky to define. Allow our consultants to help with planning and framework to ensure the project starts off successfully.


Blockchain offers secure, accurate, and real-time settlement of financial transactions, and deliver immediate settlement which is reflected on the distributed ledger. No intermediary or middleman is required to settle the transaction; reconciliation errors are non-existent; cyber-attack is nearly impossible.

Blockchains are often used with digital currency transactions and bitcoin. The blockchain space is rapidly evolving as financial firms are moving away from software settlement service solutions to data-driven and automated technology concepts. They’re relatively simple to implement, however meeting standards that comply with regulatory recordkeeping rules adds layers of complexity. When we begin work with firms adopting blockchain or DLT strategy, we analyze the business model for best practices to deliver a vertically integrated eco-system.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are defined agreements that enforce automatically based upon a specifically occurring event. Essentially, they are contracts that are capable of executing or enforcing themselves. Written in programmable code, they can define strict rules and consequences the same way a traditional legal document would; enforcing obligations and penalties triggered by the occurrence of specific events.  Smart contracts are particularly useful in transaction settlement such as clearing arrangements and custody of funds. Emerging technology developers are pairing smart contracts with automated updates to distributed ledgers to build a complete transaction solution.

Smart contracts are expected to become a mainstream service solution in coming years. Regardless, regulators are still catching on with the concept.  Firms looking to commence with smart contract strategies should look to an expert in regulatory compliance standards and trends before implementation in order to ensure approval from SRO’s like FINRA.

(DLT) Distributed Ledger Technology improves financial industry efficiency, transparency, post-trade processing, and operational risk. RND Resources is leading the way for Broker-dealers and Registered Investment Advisors. We assist with start-up development of Fintech strategy and provide consulting services for firms seeking emerging technology solutions or development of DLT, blockchains, and smart contracts. Benefit from our expertise which includes: 


DLT | Smart Contract Framework Implementation & Testing Firms we can help
Regulatory considerations Governance Broker-Dealers
Procedures – Recordkeeping Cybersecurity RIA / Investment Co
Materiality impact Supervision High Frequency Traders
Digital currencies / securities Carrying & clearing Wealth – Private funds
FINRA & SEC Registration Automating actions Robo-advisors / online services

Download: FINRA January 2017 analysis of Distributed Ledger and Blockchain uses for Financial Service firms and its impact on regulatory rules going forward.  

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