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At RND Resources our mission is not only to provide professional regulatory compliance support and service, but also to provide the best value. We don’t want our clients to pay more for our service than they would at any other reputable firm of similar scope and size.  Our price guarantee ensures you will receive the same quality service and support from us that you would elsewhere.

We anticipate prospective clients will compare price and service, and have some recommendations for making a valid comparison. Most important, take into consideration total cost quoted. For instance, some consulting firms may quote a lower hourly rate, fee, or price and then make up the difference in add-on charges for travel or “other related expenses”. These costs can raise the final bill by 20% or more of the quoted price. To avoid getting tangled up in “bait and switch” tactics make certain the contract is clear by asking to have additional costs spelled out or by requesting a cap on ‘other expenses’.Price Guarantee

Additionally, don’t forget there is an “opportunity cost” to doing business with one firm over another, especially when the decision is based solely on price. Often times, low price indicates the firm lacks experience or may not provide the best service. Consider the overall benefit of experienced support handle all your compliance needs.

To request a price match guarantee, call us at (818) 657-0288 xt 307 or submit the request using our contact form below. 

Do not sign a contract with another firm until you’ve given us an opportunity to match the quote. This will help ensure you are getting the right price, and that you’re working with an experienced regulatory compliance consulting firm at the most competitive rate.Dave and Radhi Banerjee


Dave Banerjee, CEO


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