RIA Compliance Programs

RIA Compliance Services

RND Resources Inc is a leading compliance, audit, and consulting firm for all types of Investment Advisor firms such as; Asset Managers, Investment Counselors, Investment Managers, Portfolio Managers, Wealth Managers, and more.  As the needs of consumers change, so do firms, products, and regulatory requirements. At RND we’re on top of these changes. We work with our clients as a strategic business partner integrating business planning, compliance, operations, trading, and registration. We provide a scale-able solution that grows with your firm and helps you succeed while maintaining compliance, managing risk, and evolving with your firm and clients.


Full Service SEC and State Registration

Every RIA has unique  qualities thus drafting the Form ADV should not be a one size fits all process. Experienced RND Resources team members work closely with start up RIA firms to define the business model. From there, RND Resources will assist in setting up and facilitating the funding of your IARD account and preparing the appropriate and required forms such as; 

  • Form ADV Part 1A

  • Form ADV Part 2A

  • Form ADV Part 2B

  • Form ADV Schedule A

  • Additional Form ADV specialty services: Form ADV – Items 5C, 5D, 5F, 5H and Schedule D, Section 7B, and uploading required ADV Part 2 brochures.

RND’s straightforward and comprehensive approach facilitates  the regulators’ understanding of your services and expedites the overall registration process. Our carefully-crafted disclosure document is also a valuable tool in explaining your services to prospective clients.

Ongoing Compliance Assistance Programs

Form ADV filing deadline

Click here to use the RIA Compliance calendar with filing deadlines and details

RND Resources offers several cost-effective retainer packages, created to ensure that your firm remains compliant.

Many firms choose retainer packages that include consulting hours which they used for unanticipated compliance changes, new and emerging product strategy, policy updates, compliance team and staff training, and more.  

For firms needing specific or more flexible solutions, we’ll create a Customized Compliance Support Plan on a monthly or as needed as well as retainer level.

Compliance Administration Services

  • RND Resources will act as a Service Bureau for your IARD account

  • Construct and file annual renewal documents and update amendment(s) as required

  • Monthly checklist for auditing Policies & Procedures

  • Customized Compliance Calendar

  • New rule and regulation alerts affecting on-going compliance requirements

  • Form ADV Amendments and Drafting new ADV Part 2

  • Customized Written Policies and Procedures and Updates

  • Trade Compliance: Best Execution, Soft Dollar, Trade Allocation, Proxy Voting

  • Respond to Regulatory Deficiency Letter and Notices

  • Advertising and Website Review

  • Interim and Annual Compliance Reviews – On-Site & Off-Site

  • Cyber-Security Policy, Procedures, and Consulting

  • Risk Assessments

  • Review Client and Solicitor Agreements

  • Annual Representative Compliance Interviews

  • Notice filings and State registrations for firm

  • Registration and Termination of Investment Advisor Representatives IARs

  • Business Continuity and Succession Planning

  • Transition from State to SEC Registration | SEC to State Registration

Mock SEC and State examinations

RIAs should always be prepared for rigorous surprise examinations of their books and records by regulators. In many instances, firms may only have a few days to prepare for these comprehensive examinations. During these examinations it is  common for RIAs to be required to supply hundreds of documents with very little notice.

With so much at stake, it is imperative for RIAs not to be caught unprepared. RND Resources will guide you in preparing for the most formidable exams. The RND Resources preemptive mock audits can alert you to potential compliance weaknesses before they become expensive problems. 

Advertising content and compliance

RND Resources is aware how important advertising and marketing is in growing your business. Many advisers are unsure disclosures are necessary within their marketing campaigns.  Consequently, RND Resources offers assistance in creating content and launching marketing campaigns. We can draft personalized and compliant content for use in:

  • Websites
  • Newsletters
  • Presentations
  • Seminars
  • Blogs
  • Brochures
  • Radio and television ads
  • Marketing letters
  • Social Media

Changes to Form ADV, Part 2 Brochure

Newer Form ADV part 2 brochures and disclosures must be written in a narrative format.  

The new format must explain business model, services, potential conflicts of interest, advisory fees, and investment strategies in language that all investors can understand.

RND Resources has expertise preparing brochure supplements in the required format and disclosing specific information regarding the person or persons providing investment advice to the client.

SEC to State Registration transitions

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act increased the qualification threshold for SEC registration to $100 million AUM “Assets Under Management”. Although RIAs with less than $100 million in assets under management will usually be state regulated, a firm may choose to retain its SEC registration if it is required to register in at least fifteen states.

RND Resources professionals guide firms through registration transitions. Along with drafting Form ADV, we  assist in completing state-specific documents and IAR registration needs.  We also draft new policies and procedures manuals based on state regulations. Contact us for more information.