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Fintech Regulatory ComplianceFinTech firms provide a valuable solution to consumers interested in integrating self service portals into everyday transactions for their financial goals. Banks and economists are pointing to the “Digital Disruption” as one of the biggest emerging threats to large banks and the conglomerate banking industry of this era. In countries like India, China, and European nations emerging financial service technology has taken off at a rapid pace. Venture Capital deals in the US spiked into the Billions in 2014 and 2015, and continue to rise.

Its no wonder then that Financial Regulators are worried.  Regulatory Authorities like FINRA and other listed below want an opportunity to weigh in on industry standards as it pertains to FinTech solutions and emerging technology structures. Regulators are already crafting framework for governing rapidly growing fintech – financial technology sector. 

As regulators catch up to emerging technology, new rules are introduced in order to protect consumers and keep the industry from going rogue. Fintech firms structure and re-structure themselves in the race to capture individual segments of market share or broaden horizons. All of this somehow needs to fit in with the regulatory focus on “responsible innovation”.

Fintech firms that build strong compliance and audit systems into their business model today will have the least difficulty adapting to regulatory changes tomorrow, and will benefit from greater consumer adoption of their solution.

Services we offer Fintech firms:

Regulatory Consulting

 As a regulatory compliance support services and audit firm we are fully aware of dynamic changes in the industry. Our expertise spans 30 years and covers nearly all financial service business models. We’re able to; advise on regulatory trends as they pertain to your business, review letters and notices from rulemaking boards; prepare new firm registration or change member applications; provide strategic advice on mergers and acquisitions; and help you build a scaleable, adaptable business model that will withstand the anticipated influx of regulatory rulemaking over fin-tech firms.

We’re happy to work with your executives, IT leaders, business development team, legal experts, accountants, CPA’s, and other stakeholders to advise on and develop innovative solutions.

Compliance Policy and Procedure Manuals (WSP)

RND Resources has expertise developing, customizing, and amending required policies and procedure manuals. Our team has expertise with WSP requirements (Written Supervisory Procedures) for Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering, Cyber-Security, Business Continuity, and more.  We’ll provide a thorough review and update to supervisory procedures, develop and implement changes; and work together with stakeholders and executives.

Litigation, Forensic Accounting, Expert Witness

Expert Witness, Forensic Accounting, or Litigation services are required by nearly all firms in the industry at some point in time. We can advise and analyze questioned transactions based on a variety of complex issues such as; the firm or a representative made a mistake; a cybersecurity breach occurs; a misstep in compliance or audit report standards; insider trading or fraud; a misunderstanding that resulted in litigation. Forensic analysis of your records and expert witness testimony are backbones in working with regulators and handling arbitration.  We assist broker-dealers and others involved in cases throughout the United States and regularly receive requests for support from law firms, other compliance consultants, and institutional task forces.

Read more about RND Resources Forensic Accounting and Expert Witness Services

Audit & Record Examination Services

RND Resources Inc has the expertise and qualifications to handle audits and audit related services for brokerage firms, investment advisory companies, banking, hedge fund and commodity traders, municipal dealers, private equity fund managers, fin-tech firms, and more. Our clients range in size from full service operations with multiple offices to those having minimum staff and representatives. Because we are experienced professionals we can conduct audits efficiently and cost effectively, often times for almost half of what large accounting firms charge. We provide certified audit and compilations reports as well as mock audit examinations in preparation for regulatory review. See RND Audit Services for more information.

Outsourced Regulatory Reporting, Registration, and Administrative support

RND Resources outsourced compliance clients enjoy ready access to a full suite of regulatory compliance expertise and ongoing compliance monitoring. Programs are customized to fit a variety of financial service business models and trade programs. Use compliance outsourcing to supplement staff; adding expertise at a lower cost and gain access to a professional compliance consulting firm.  Outsource responsibilities handled by key compliance executives on an interim basis or permanently during change in ownership, emergency crisis management, or while you’re searching for the next qualified in-house chief compliance officer candidate.

Risk Assessment and Risk Management

Make regulatory compliance a competitive advantage. Our professional team is qualified to evaluate risk at your firm to help formulate strategy based upon risk factors, compliance concerns, capital requirements, and more. We’ll work with your stakeholders to develop adaptable and scaleable strategies that meet your firms objectives; while keeping compliance and risk factors front and center.

RND Resources Inc provides the expertise needed to;

  • establish programs that satisfy regulatory requirements and flow with emerging risks and trends,
  • implement policies and procedures to mitigate risk and address compliance challenges.

Outsourced Principal Registration Financial Operations (FinOps) and General Securities (CCO)

RND Resources recognizes that a financial service firms’ ability to grow is contingent on its ability to adapt to constantly evolving and complex regulatory changes, as well as meet compliance and financial reporting requirements. We strive to provide firms with expertise when handling FinOp, CFO, and CCO principal operation duties. Many firms trust us as their outsourced solution to meet required compliance and audit reporting responsibilities on an interim or permanent basis.

CPA and Tax Planning Services

When it comes to tax planning and accounting, you need someone who understands your business. Dave Banerjee CPA handles accounting and tax planning for securities firms, families, and individuals. As a CPA firm with expertise in securities we’re well equipped to plan and prepare tax returns for fin-tech firms, executives, and partnerships. We can handle multi-state returns, filing for trusts and foundations, and estate planning among many other services. Visit RND Resources CPA and Tax planning services for more information.


United States Financial Services Regulatory Authorities and Agencies

  • FINRA – Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
  • SEC – Securities Exchange Commission
  • MSRB – Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board
  • MSB – Money Services Business Registration
  • CFTC – Commodity Futures Trading Commission
  • FinCEN – Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
  • NFA – National Futures Association
  • OCC – Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
  • And many more; including state and district authorities

For more information about what we can do to advise and assist Fintech firms feel free to reach out to us by phoning (818) 657-0288 or Send us a message with your needs and contact details. We’ll get back to you at our first opportunity.
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