Fintech Strategy for brokerages, securities investment, banking, and financial sector firms


RND Resources works with broker-dealers and other investment banking firms to develop Fintech strategy. Our consultation and support services go beyond compliance to take a big picture view of emerging trends. For brokers and financial service firms looking to build, expand, or improve a product and service with technology, we can help carve out niche opportunities that blend with your existing business model.

Fintech StrategyAs more and more firms struggle to understand how they can enter the fin-tech space and capture, retain, or bring back some of the market share; we provide real solutions. Whether your looking for a formula for successful entry into consumer offerings, or developing back-end technology to save overhead costs; we’ll work with your managing partners, lawyers, compliance team, staff, and stakeholders to create a no nonsense plan.  

What is Fintech?

FinTech = Emerging financial services that are supported by technological achievements in trading, banking, lending, investment analysis, and virtually anything else in the financial industry sector that can be handled by creating self-service software or technology.

FinTech firm = Financial services company such as a brokerage, bank, or investment advisory business that primarily uses technology in providing financial services; or uses technology to make administrative capability more efficient. Financial technology companies (Fintech firms) are often startup firms that bring fresh ideas to financial systems and banks relying on traditional reporting and service business models.

Different types of uses for FinTech

Fintech strategies are constantly evolving especially where new innovations rely on providing niche services to develop market share and then expand out. One common strategy is for a brokerage firm to purchase an existing fintech firm; or for a fintech firm to purchase a broker or investment firm. The two entities then use core competencies in providing a solution. Common trends in Fintech include;

  • Brokerage: Business-to-business services with banks
  • Investment Advisory: Business-to-client services for banks, (i.e. creating a service for business banking clientele)
  • Brokerage or Investment: Business to small business services
  • Investment, Brokerage, or Banking: Business to consumer services

Key investment areas for Fintech venture capital and private equity contributions

  • Peer-to-peer loan marketplaces (Crowd-funding)
  • Mobile platforms for payments, billing, trades, financial management, and more
  • Bitcoin & Digital Currency
  • >Banking-as-a-Platform (digital banking)
  • Personal finance and Asset Management services (manage bills and investments)
  • Machine technology for lending and underwriting (i.e. assess creditworthiness)
  • Money transfer services across individuals, firms, and countries
  • Institutional tools such as alternative trade systems or financial modeling and analysis software
  • Back office software systems to support administrative needs


As investment in fintech thrives, major banks are pushing back with their own innovative solutions that take on traditional banking services such as payments and wealth management. In fact, payment technology and data analytics are the hottest areas in fintech development in recent years. Another popular niche area in fin-tech is to replace an individual service provided by banks with new technology, called “unbundling” bank services.

Whatever your objective is, we can help you reach your goal. We have expert technology resources to draw from as well as expertise in financial services and securities industry trends. We’re happy to work with your firm, its investors or other stakeholders in building a sound growth strategy to capture the new consumer searching for easy and empowered solutions for their financial needs.


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