RND outsourcing clients enjoy ready access to a complete range of regulatory / compliance expertise and ongoing compliance monitoring. Customized to fit individual broker-dealers’ needs, compliance outsourcing can be used to supplement staff or to completely outsource certain compliance functions either temporarily or permanently.

Total Compliance Outsourcing

While RND can not take over broker-dealers compliance responsibilities, the services available through our Total Compliance Outsourcing assist broker-dealers in Streamlining their compliance systems and controlling the costs associated with maintaining comprehensive technical expertise on staff. Broker-dealers design the outsourcing solution that meets their needs from the full-range of our Registration, Financial Reporting and General Compliance Outsourcing services. Additionally, as a Total Compliance Outsourcing client, broker-dealers receive the following services:
• Onsite Initial Orientation
• Onsite Annual Regulatory
• Weekly Compliance Checklist with Designated RND Technical Expert

Registration Outsourcing

• Form BD Amendments
• State Registration Renewal Filing
• 1017 Upgrades
• Non-Allowable Asset Schedule
• Purchases
• Schedule of Aggregate Indebtedness
• BD Renewals
• Registrations of Merged Entities
• Principal Registration
• Form U4 and U5 Preparation; and Amendments

Financial Reporting Outsourcing

• Balance Sheet Income Statement
• Check Register
• Trial Balance
• Net Capital Computation
• General Ledger
• Non-Allowable Asset Schedule
• General Journal
• Schedule of Aggregate Indebtedness
• Monthly & Quarterly FOCUS IIA
• Haircut Analysis and Computation
• Annual NASD Assessment Report
• Annual SIPC 6 Assessment Report
• Annual SIPC 7 Assessment
• Hard Copy Submissions
• Temporary FINOP Service

General Compliance Outsourcing

• Written Supervisory Procedures Review & Update
• Annual OSJ & Branch Office Inspections
• Continuing Education Planning
• Advertising, Sales Literature Review
• Monthly Account Activity Reviews
• Annual Regulatory/Compliance Audit
• Review of New Clients
• Annual Compliance Meetings
• Customer Complaint Filings


Complex and ever-changing compliance regulations are difficult to manage without a seasoned and experienced professional who knows the in and out of the industry. RND can handle everything from basic to complex challenges on an interim or permanent basis, while executives continue to develop and grow their securities business.

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