Broker-Dealer Audit Services

RND Resources Inc has the expertise and qualifications to handle audits and audit related services for brokerage firms, investment advisory companies, hedge funds and private equity fund managers. Our clients range in size from full service operations with multiple offices to those having minimum staff and representatives. Because we are experienced professionals we can conduct audits efficiently and cost effectively, often times for almost half of what large accounting firms charge.

We provide for a variety of Audit needs:Broker-Dealer Audit Services

PCAOB Certified BD Annual Audit Report

Broker Dealer Audit Preparation Service

Branch Office Audits – On site service available

Anti-Money Laundering Audits

CPA Audit & Compilation

Financial Statement Audit

Review of Internal Controls

SSAE16 and SAS 70 Statement of Controls Audit

Engagement Quality Review

10k & 10Q Filings – SEC Issuer Audit Reports  

Mock Audit and Mock Regulatory Examination

Forensic Accounting – Accountant Deposition – Fraud investigation – Valuation Opinon

Investment Advisory Firm & RIA Audit Services

PCAOB Certified Broker Dealer Audits

With the passing of Dodd-Frank, Wall Street Reform Act the broker-dealer industry has become increasingly complex. New rules and regulations are continuously issued to combat illegal activities and regulate rogue brokers. As a result, broker-dealers have specialized needs which require an expert caliber of support. Recent legislation now requires non-public broker-dealers to use an audit firm registered with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) for their certified audit. PCAOB oversight helps ensure that audits of broker-dealers are performed properly, but thus adds a new layer of complexity to audit requirements. Most typical everyday CPA’s are no longer able to handle the level of expertise required to perform these audits. RND Resources is one of the few firms with requisite experience that can conduct these audits efficiently and at a lower cost than larger big 5 accounting firms.

When it comes to broker dealer audits, it’s important to hire experts. Dave Banerjee, CPA, an Accountancy Corp. has been registered with the PCAOB since 2004.  Call us for a quote on certified annual audits.

Independence rules restrict our participation in certified audits for existing clients, however, for firms where there is a conflict of interest, we can provide a list of PCAOB auditors with demonstrated experience in certified audits of broker-dealers.  

Compliance, Mock Audits, Gap Analysis, and Training

Are you concerned that you might be in violation of regulations, in spite of your best efforts to comply? More likely, you are in violation of rules without even knowing it.

RND will review your records and operations to identify potential problems before they reach a crisis state. We’ll help establish supervisory procedures, monitor control systems, review financial record keeping and net capital compliance, and  train personnel to ensure continued compliance.

We’ll provide a confidential report and discuss our findings with your stakeholders to assist in developing stronger compliance and risk management policies.
We are experienced professionals and have CE programs and annual compliance meeting services  available to assist your business in maintaining regulatory requirements.

Broker-Dealer Audit Preparation Services

Get assistance preparing for year-end certified audits. Incomplete or otherwise poorly organized audit paperwork triggers problems with your auditor in the form of more audit related questions, time spent auditing, more work for your staff, and even poor audit opinions. Call us first. Our audit preparation team is experienced with broker-dealer audits knows what your auditor will need.

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For more information about RND Resources Inc audit services feel free to contact our office at (818) 657-0288 or request a quote.